Talks With Founders

As Maison de Mara, what is your biggest feature that sets you apart from other brands?

As Maison de Mara, our biggest feature is to blend different materials in our products. Not cross-product; The fact that we bring together and blend different materials directly in each product.

For example, the legs of the Amara Dining Table, which offers seven different marble tops with a diameter of 150 cm, are created in three different materials to be selected by our users. The largest piece of the legs in the shape of a rectangular prism has a choice of brass, metal and wood, and the second leg, which we call the square prism leg, consists of textured wood and continues as a cylindrical fabric coating on it.

While this combination brings together four different materials in one product and creates a unique choice according to the taste of the user, it also shows how different materials can be adapted over a product and separate our spaces. Since our products consist of many different materials and color options, we have a wide scale. In addition to the design, one of our most advantageous features is that the products offer ergonomics to their users.

Kitchen Talks

As Maison de Mara, why did you want to add accessories rather than just the furniture part? Is there a particular reason for this?

As a brand that touches all kinds of pleasant areas of people such as life, work and entertainment, it is one of our biggest goals as Maison de Mara to carry our energy, which we think is reflected in our designs and products, to every area.

As a luxury segment brand, although our designs are complementary for many areas; accessories and small details always provide the final touch to our spaces and create an integrity. It has been one of our goals to keep our accessory collection at the forefront from the very beginning so that our customers can reach us in easier steps, to be able to take part in their living spaces, even in a small area, and at the same time, so that our customers can share our products with their loved ones on special occasions.

Artsy Complements

Are there any specific reasons for the products you have included in your accessory collection? For example, why the tray?

The most important factor we consider in our accessory collection is that they are products that can be found in every field and are suitable for versatile use. For example, our Esmee Tray; As a tray, it can easily serve different usage purposes both in the kitchen area (home, office, restaurant) and in the general living areas -on the coffee table, in a decorative sense, and on the entrance areas, above the dresser.

As for other products; the same purposes, each providing a plural purpose of use in different fields.

Why are your products in your accessory collection suitable for all areas?

We see living spaces not only as offices and living rooms, but also as every place we live in. We see every part of our home and office, from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the balconies, both as a pleasing eye and a signature just like our clothes. This is exactly why every accessory we design can find its own place and usage area in almost all of these areas. From candles to frames, pillows to trays, all our accessories offer a range of colors from green to yellow, orange to red. These colors, which accompany the unique and different nature of the designs we use, make every product in the collection timeless and more suitable for every space.

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