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About Us

Mara... Woman! Coming also from Ra; the God of Sun and many other meaningful definitions such as ‘us’.

Founded by Interior Architect and Product Designer Büşra Turan and Business Manager and Material Specialist Esra Çam in 2020. Maison de Mara is a Home and Decor Design brand based in Istanbul, Turkey specializing in both ready and custom made furniture, accessories, textile and further in and outdoor detailing. Besides its unique products, Maison de Mara is also developing/offering personalized products by pre-taking the morals and inspiration of the clients and connecting them with the values and artistry of the Mara Team. All products and detailings by the brand are diligently curated and developed by high-end experts.

Büşra Turan

Büşra Turan was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. After graduating from International School of Basel, she attended University of Arts London Central Saint Martins, where she completed her foundation year in Architecture. She received her bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design at NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano.

After living abroad since birth, Büşra moved to her homeland for a new adventure with a multi cultural soul. Due to her international background and experiences she obtained a multi-perspective approach to design and creativity. After her graduation, Büşra developed her skills and professional experience by starting to work as an interior designer at an exclusive design firm in Istanbul and completing various projects around the world. In 2018 she founded her own architecture and design studio which is still in progress.

Esra Çam

Esra Çam was born and raised in Bielefeld, Germany. Completing her High School in Cats Canterbury England, Esra attended Regents University (EBS) where she received her bachelor’s degree in International Business. Straight after graduating from University, Esra decided to complete her Msc. at Queen Mary University of London where she studied International Business and Politics. At this present time Esra is studying Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at King’s College London.

Esra has been living abroad since birth, experiencing, different cultures all around the world. Due to her international background and experiences, she obtained a multi-perspective approach in business. After her graduation, Esra started to work at her family company upholstery fabric as an operations manager until 2019. Esra then developed her skills and professional experience by creating her own firm based on textile and fabric which is still in progress.

These two women came together to not only create a brand, but to put their cultural backgrounds, experiences and their knowledge together to express their stories and be apart of your homes, living areas and connect with your lives.

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