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Add a colorful touch to your home with KAYLEE frames that resist time, look elegant and bold in any interior, and allow you to display your images like works of art. Your favorite memories will be in every corner of your home.

  • L: 4 cm W: 12 cm H: 25 cm
  • Made out of coloured Plexiglass
  • Magnetic system is being used for the attachment
  • Detailed Description

    You can add a dynamic look to your home with our specially designed KAYLEE picture frame, all of which have aesthetic properties equivalent to glass but created with plexi material that is much more durable than glass. The back plexi piece and front plexi piece of our specially designed frame models are held together by a tiny magnetic system. KAYLEE design frames are produced for you to keep your best memories in every corner of your home. While neon colors dominate the colored back plexi of our plexiglass picture frames, which consist of two colors in our current collection, the front plexiglass side maintains its transparency and dynamic appearance. In this way, while the visual you want to use in your frame stays in the foreground, different neon colors are reflected in the background and take their place in the usage areas without losing the frame function. KAYLEE frames allow you to display your images, which can carry their own characteristics along with neon colors and bold character, adding a striking dimension. Our design plexiglass frame model, which will add color to your work desks, is offered to you as a different way to reflect your style. The transparency of the plexiglass radiates energy to your interiors by creating different reflections thanks to the neon effect of the colored versions in daylight. KAYLEE models, which reflect the energy and power of neon colors and blend them with the youthful face of plexiglass, move away from the traditional frame understanding with the power of art. KAYLEE, one of the colorful and energetic design accessory products of our collection, creates a bold accent in your interiors with different neon alternatives. For more furniture and complementary products, take a stroll through the colorful world of

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