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Maison de Mara


/the princess

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Customize your living spaces with the Maison de Mara SARAH Candle Collection. Discover your favorite color and scent from SARAH S candles, which combine magnificent scents with sparkling details that will illuminate your personal living spaces and elevate every day to perfection. 

  • Height: 10 cm Diameter: 10 cm
  • Volume: 190 g
  • Burn time 41 hours (approx.)
  • Scent: Ametist - Contains Magnolia, Plum, Black Pepper
  • Detailed Description

    Maison de Mara Candle Collection has been created to bring out the senses you need in all living spaces in the most pleasing way. The Maison de Mara SARAH Candle Collection, which will accompany hard work, high romance or the serene moments you will spend with yourself at the end of the whole day, offers you all these pursuits at the highest level. With its structure suitable for long-term use, it accompanies you with the passion of fire and the peace of natural scents in the minutes you take time for yourself in every corner of your home. You can combine different colors from a wide range of colors or use your favorite color alone to accompany the dominant color in your room. You can continue to use SARAH S Candle-footed glass jars when your candle is finished. For more furniture and complementary products, take a tour in the dream world of

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