Maison de Mara

ZOÉ Sarı

/yaşam sevinci

42,000.00 TL

Vergi dahil. Ödeme sırasında hesaplanan nakliye .

Yaşam sevinci anlamını verdiğimiz şifonyerimiz, ZOE ... Tıpkı anlamı gibi günümüzde 'daha genç' tabir edilen pleksi malzeme ile yüksek kalitesini kaybetmeden harmanlanarak oluşturulmuştur. Koleksiyonumuzun en neşeli ve modern parçalarından biri ZOE Dresuar, üç farklı kaplama malzemesi ile tasarlandı...

  • U: 150cm D: 45cm Y: 100cm
  • Gri gümüş ahşap boya ile elde boyanmış ahşap iskelet
  • Gövde ayak dahil olmak üzere yere kadar uzanan pleksi malzeme ile kaplanmıştır
  • Dolap kapakları
    • Beyaz cam
    • Bukle kumaş (71% Akrilik, 2% Pamuk, 27% Polyester)
    • Lake renkli ahşap
  • Detailed Description

    ZOE design dresuar, which consists of a wooden skeleton body carefully painted with first-class workmanship, highlights the colors applied to the wooden skeleton with its plexi body coating, which is produced in a thickness of one centimeter and serves as a carrier foot. In addition, plexi, one of the oldest synthetic materials, draws attention with its durability. Since this material, which is extremely resistant to sunlight, will not show yellowing under the influence of daylight, our ZOE design dresuar model stays young permanently with all its colorfulness. With the harmonious combination of multiple different materials, ZOE dresuar reveals its dynamic youthful energy without overshadowing its elegant stance. There are also different color alternatives for the cabinet door materials that can be preferred as glass, MDF and MDF-based fabric coating. With our ZOE dresuar, which offers the opportunity to customize the colors according to the space you will use, you can rejuvenate your spaces and increase the energy of life. Thanks to the color schemes and cover surface that you can choose according to your wishes, the ZOE design dresuar harmonizes with the other pieces in your room, while at the same time adding a unique touch. Designed with different materials used in a modern, attractive and balanced way, ZOE is waiting for you in our collection, not just as a storage area, but as a work of art that will rejuvenate your interior spaces. For more furniture and complementary products, take a stroll through the colorful world of

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