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SHONGUL Light Blue

/a very special present

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SHONGUL armchair Inspired by our MAYSA triple sofa, was designed to mean a “very special gift”. It is in our collection as a simple but eye-catching special design single sofa.

  • L: 80cm W: 80cm H: 80cm
  • Made out of counter wood
  • Tweed Fabric: 100% Olefin, water resistant
  • Detailed Description

    SHONGUL; Our specially designed armchair, which prioritizes comfort, draws attention with all its simplicity. This model, produced from a waterproof wooden skeleton body and silicone sofa sponge, perfectly complements the MAYSA triple sofa. In addition, our special SHONGUL specially designed single armchairs that will add a different atmosphere to your interior and exterior spaces offer a magnificent comfort experience. The illusion of a pillow was created by applying different sewing techniques to the preferred silicone sponges to provide you with maximum comfort. Silicone cushions, which create a pillow-like ‘ear’ effect with special sewing, create a fantastic effect as if you are resting on the clouds. Our SHONGUL luxury single seat model, which has a design that is as eye-catching as it is simple, is offered to you with different fabrics and color charts. You have the freedom to choose from four different fabrics and color charts: soft bouclé fabric, wool woven tweed fabric with a warm effect, artificial leather and waterproof outdoor fabric. Thanks to our color charts with a wide range of colors, you can customize our specially designed single sofa model as you wish, and you can choose the color that best suits your chat areas. SHONGUL, where luxury, comfort and originality come together, completes our collection as a “very special gift” for you and your loved ones.

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