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MEVA S White


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With its efficient structure, varied size and color options, and bringing a vibrant touch to all places of use, from breakfast in bed to dinner in front of the TV, from kitchen to bathroom, Maison de Mara MEVA Plexiglass Tray will be the favorite of your home. MEVA Tray, which can be used for a romantic breakfast, to divide your candles and books on your coffee table in the living room, or to organize your room smell and hand towels in a unique way, will complement any area.

  • MEVA S: 25x33cm
  • Made out of Plexiglass
  • Detailed Description

    Specially designed Maison de Mara Meva Plexiglass Trays, which combine design with functionality, turn all presentations into a colorful dream. Whether it's a large tray for breakfast in bed on the weekends or a fun neon effect serving tray to use when hosting guests, the designer Maison de Mara Plexiglass Trays are designed in different sizes to meet all your needs. The fun, colorful and high quality Maison de Mara Plexiglass MEVA Trays are designed to meet all your needs. Take your presentations one step further, individually or as a team. Meva Trays are produced in three sizes as Small, Medium and Large and in two different colors. For more furniture and complementary products, take a stroll through the colorful world of

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