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MAYSA, which has a great history, was designed in 1947 by the famous designer Mario Marenco. Inspired by the clouds in the sky, the sofa with all its 'elegance' became a part of our collection as a MAYSA specially designed triple sofa.

  • L: 300 cm W: 80cm H: 80cm
  • Made out of wood skeleton
  • Covered with bouclé fabric (71% Acrylic, 2% Cotton, 27% Polyester)
  • Detailed Description

    MAYSA specially designed triple sofa, also known as the 'cloud' sofa, is produced from a wooden skeleton body and silicone filling sponge. With its supremely comfortable structure, the specially designed triple sofa MAYSA brings together aesthetics and pleasure.The sitting part of the seats is portable. This specially designed triple sofa, where you will experience comfortable moments as if you have taken a journey in the clouds with our sofas without assembly details, takes its place in the most special corners of the interiors with its bold design. Silicone inner cushions, which are applied in the 'ear' style to reflect the pillow effect by using different sewing techniques, offer you a unique comfort. MAYSA, which will make your interior spaces as unique and comfortable as the clouds in the sky, brings nebula comfort to those who seek difference. With the freedom to choose between two different fabrics, bouclé and tweed, and a color chart of various colors, this bold sofa also offers the opportunity to be personalized according to the style of your space. The soft texture of the curls and the warmth of the tweed take our MAYSA sofa model to the next level. Whichever you prefer, MAYSA's comfort always remains thanks to its cloud effect. With its limited fabric and color chart, Maison de Mara produces this unique sofa in accordance with its name and meaning and delivers it to your homes. The unique design of Mario Marenco, MAYSA specially designed triple sofa deserves its title as the most comfortable part of our collection. Take a stroll through the comfortable world of for more furniture and complementary products.

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