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Your living space will become more modern, more colorful and more eye-catching with our specially designed coffee table JAZMINE, which looks like a flower in the environment where they are inspired by the newly blooming flowers. It will be your first choice in interiors with its functional design that will be a partner for your coffee hours, your work/study sessions and conversations with your loved ones.

The Cylinder One

  • L: 30cm W: 30cm H: 30cm R: 50 cm
  • Glass surface: Mink
  • Marble leg held with golden metal pipe
  • Detailed Description

    Our JAZMINE coffee table model, which reflects the unique beauty of a flower with its thin layered colored glass top and glass details, and different color alternatives you can choose, offers you the freedom to customize its products by creating the look you prefer in your own living space. The transparency of the glass allows the feet, which are specially designed in two different materials and forms, to be presented more clearly. Supported by specially designed geometrically shaped legs made of high quality materials, the marble foot, which is the smaller of the two models, is designed to bring the elegance that has been going on for centuries to your interior spaces. Hand-turned marble, which is machined into a cylindrical shape, is supported by various color options and a metal structure running through it. The higher square foot was prepared by covering the wood with fabric. JAZMINE coffee tables, which are produced from specially painted glass, hand-turned marble and fabric covered square feet, will complement your conversation areas by coloring them. JAZMINE, which will bloom like a flower in your living spaces, has been designed to easily adapt to many different environments. Our specially designed coffee table model, whose geometric forms are in harmony with each other, and which is created by the use of materials with different properties, has different color options for each material used. This is exactly why our newly blooming flower JAZMINE specially designed coffee tables will adapt to your desired living space. For more furniture and complementary products, take a tour in the dream world of

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