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ESMEE Rainbow

/respect and admiration

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ESMEE serving tray, bearing the name of respect and admiration, arouses admiration for both its design and function.

  • L: 31 cm W: 24 cm H: 4 cm
  • Made out of colored wood frame
  • The middle print is covered with glass
  • Detailed Description

    We provide you to add an artistic touch to your services and living spaces by integrating the handmade tray model, inspired by the pleasant meanings of the name ESMEE, which is specially produced for you with its special painted handmade wooden frame and glass coating design printing, integrating it into daily life. Our model, which has unique touches as it is handmade, always remains original. ESMEE, a functional serving tray that you can use to make your guests feel special or to pamper yourself, is a modern and very special design product. ESMEE, more than a serving tray, gives your living spaces a small but so ostentatious atmosphere. With their unique inspiring designs and specially painted wooden frame, our handmade tray models are also a magnificent visual art feature that will decorate your walls or organize your coffee table. ESMEE, which you can consider as a specially designed serving tray where the quality standard of the material used is kept at the highest level or as a decorative piece, will serve your purpose perfectly with its artistic texture. ESMEE is one of the indispensable decorative pieces of our collection with its functionality, handmade "respectable" and "admirable" feature. For more furniture and complementary products, take a stroll through the colorful world of

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