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High quality playing cards enriched with illustrations, all inspired by mythological, astrological and symbolic models.

  • 54 pieces each pile
  • T: 1 mm W: 4 cm H: 7 cm
  • Made out of 250 gr shiny paper
  • Detailed Description

    Our BERMA playing cards; like its name, it consists of symbols designed with elegant yet strong lines, based on femininity. Each of the playing cards, which have existed in the life of humanity for almost a thousand years, has been carefully designed and prepared by being inspired by different focuses. Playing card decks, in which mythological heroes, astrological and symbolic elements are reflected on cards with a special design, tell us stories that never get old. The symbols that are used while seeking answers to the ongoing unanswered questions of humankind, such as natural events, mortality, eternity, space, astrology, and man's connection with all of them, are designed and presented to you in a harmonious manner. When you go out to search for the secrets of life with playing card decks or just take action for fun, the elegant and strong line in our cards is with you. The content, symbols and colors of each card in BERMA playing card decks complete the deck in harmony without contradicting each other. BERMA playing cards, the most extraordinary yet powerful and elegant piece of our collection, offer a visual feast thanks to the different content of each card. Take a stroll through the mysterious world of for more furniture and complementary products.

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