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Our dresser, which we give the meaning of 'joy of life', ZOE... Just like its meaning, it was created by blending it with plexi material, which is called 'younger' today, without losing its high quality. One of the most cheerful and modern pieces in our collection ZOE dresuar, designed with three different cover materials...


ZOE design dresuar, which consists of a carefully hand painted wooden frame body like a work of art, consists of a one-centimeter plexi body covering. At the same time, the plexi structure, which acts as a carrier leg, highlights the colors applied to the wooden skeleton with its transparency. In addition, plexi, one of the oldest synthetic materials, draws attention with its durability. Since this material, which is extremely resistant to sunlight, will not show yellowing under the influence of sunlight, our ZOE design dresuar model stays young permanently with all its colorfulness. All the different materials used are presented to you in a way that reveals the dynamism of the ZOE dresser without overshadowing its elegance. There are also different color alternatives for cabinet door materials that can be preferred as glass, MDF and MDF-based fabric coating. With our ZOE dresuar, which offers the opportunity to customize the colors according to the space you will use, you can rejuvenate your spaces and increase the energy of life. ZOE design dresuar leaves a unique impression in your room, thanks to the color schemes you can choose according to your wishes and the cover surface. Designed with modern, attractive and balanced materials, ZOE takes its place in our collection not only as a storage area but also as a work of art that will rejuvenate your interior spaces.

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