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NOEMI; Our resting chair/chaise lounge, reflecting its comfort and 'pleasure’ in a luxurious way, just like the meaning of its name...

Chaise Lounge Marble Choice

Redefining luxury, NOEMI is not just a lounge chair ready to take its place in your living and comfort area. NOEMI specially designed lounge chair also breaks the stereotype that marble, which has been associated with luxury life for many years and is a valuable material, can only be used in certain furniture. In addition, it shows us that the rest seats, which offer a comfortable usage experience, will not be designed only with high quality fabric. The harmony achieved by the blending of different materials makes it possible to see the NOEMI luxury lounge chair with its plinth detail designed from high quality marble. Marble detail, one of the amazing beauties offered by nature, reflects a unique and luxurious touch with the harmony of our bouclé fabric. The lounge chair with marble base detail, which you can use indoors or outdoors, creates an elegant ambiance with the timeless presence of marble. However, the comforting look expected from a lounge chair does not disappear, on the contrary, its cushion covered with soft bouclé fabric offers an inviting atmosphere for you to relieve the tiredness of the day. In this way, with the strong and noble stance of marble, you can achieve an elegant appearance in your interiors without sacrificing your comfort. NOEMI luxury marble lounge chair offers the opportunity to be customized according to the places to be used with different fabric colors and marble alternatives. Our NOEMI lounge chair, where you can combine the luxury and elegance of marble with comfort and a pleasant usage experience, is among the extraordinary pieces of our collection.

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