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Just like 'blooming flowers’, our design coffee/side table Jasmine/Jazmine blooms like a flower in its environment...

Coffee Table Cylinder Leg Marble Choice

Our specially designed coffee/side table model, JASMINE/ JAZMINE, reflects the unique beauty effect and image of a flower with its unique thin layer colored glass top and different color alternatives you can choose for its glass. The transparency of the glass allows the feet, which are specially designed in two different materials and forms, to be presented more clearly. With rounded edges and a thin glass layer, JASMİNE is supported by specially designed geometrically shaped legs made of different high quality materials on its base. Smaller than the other, the foot is designed to carry the centuries-old elegance of marble to your indoor  spaces... Hand-turned marble, which is shaped into a cylinder, is supported by various color options and a metal structure running through it. The higher square foot, designed with a skeleton, was prepared by covering the wood with fabric. Our design coffee table model JASMİNE, produced from specially painted glass, hand-turned marble and fabric-covered square foot, will complement your conversation areas with color. JASMINE, which will bloom like a flower wherever it is, is able to adapt easily to many different environments. Our specially designed coffee table model, whose geometric forms are in harmony with each other, and which is created by the use of materials with different properties, has different color options for each material used. In this way, our JASMINE design coffee table offers our customers the freedom to customize their products by creating the look they prefer in their own space.

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