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Our dining table AMARA, which we call 'eternal', inspired and designed from the infinite beauty of marble, which has and still is a preferred and a prominent material throughout centuries and today.

Table Surface Marble Choice

The flamboyant dining table AMARA, designed and produced from a two-inch main marble top with an additional two-centimeter marble fringe giving the effect of a curved radius, has the features to meet the wishes of those who are looking for an original and luxurious marble dining table. The carrier portable footrests located under the marble table top made of high quality material attract attention with their geometric structures. The legs, which are designed in a way that does not require any assembly process, have three different forms, aiming to reflect the lego effect and adding an artistic touch to our table. In addition to the touches and the design line, the portable table legs offer the freedom to place the legs of your table as you wish. With its original design, AMARA marble table legs have alternative materials that you can customize to match your home and area. Two different materials are offered to you for our vertical rectangle, which is the main carrier leg; wood and metal. You can reflect your style by choosing the most suitable one from these two raw materials. The other two legs are designed to be the second main carrier leg. The square foot was positioned to give strength to the master cylinder above it to support the marble slab. The frame of the roller foot at the top of the square is made of wood, and the outer part is made of premium quality fabric. For the square foot positioned at the bottom, it is possible to choose one of the wooden materials with different color options or a fabric covering. For the cylinder leg our customers have the freedom to choose out of three fabric variations with a wide range of color choice. Bringing a different perspective to the marble table design, both the cylindrical and square legs are also completed with a metal structure passing through them as a touch of shine.

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